For more than 50 years we’ve proudly strived to provide a healthy and green clean including leading product and services. You in return get the best quality dry cleaning for your clothes and other linens.

Our 2 Edmonton Locations use the Most Efficient 100% Eco-Friendly Cleaner. Best of all it is odour free and solvent free. Our friendly & knowledgeable staff set a standard for excellence in cleaning thanks to their expertise with whites, silks, suits and bridal gowns just to name a few.

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24 Hour Drop Off

We offer a 24-hour drop off service at our RIVERBEND location in Edmonton to help when you are running late.

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Valet Service

VALET SERVICE AVAILABLE: Get Your Freshly Cleaned Clothes delivered to your doorstep. Our home pick-up and drop-off are more convenient and cost efficient than you think.

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Specialty Services

Our Wedding Gown Preservation is not only Top Rated, but you will remember your amazing wedding day for the rest of your life.

Graduation Dresses and Suit Specialist

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